Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pornhub - Ogonek

You went. Are you lost in the crowd of passers-by. You no longer nearby. All of this has been a dream, which ended. He would not be repeated. Now you are far from me, but I still feel you near. Your hands, lips.

All tvoja body kits intended as a shadow. During that short time you have been able to light flame in me. Ogonek love, hope and happiness. Now, when you do not for me, the flame will keep you. He beacon in the sky another star, which will take care of you. In the cold it come you my love. In the heat after you cool, gentle breeze. And his tenderness about me remind you that I have on this Earth. Although far from you, but I have, and I do not need anything from you.

Let nothing you will recall, and may well. The main thing that I remember and love you. And that love is enough for two people.

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yuvutu said...

Is this poetry or a randomn collage of words?

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